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Contact Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories to register your products with FDA and for fast approval of your drug products. We`re No.1 USA minoxidil manufacturer, original minoxidil products, Rogaine-like minoxidil manufacturer and topical Spironolactone laboratory. If you`re looking for where Rogaine-type products are manufactured, finasteride manufacturer, hair loss treatment, private label hair loss treatment, FDA accredited minoxidil lab, or minoxidil foam manufacturer. Call us at 1-866-360-2330

Raphe Pharmaceutique laboratories manufacture topical Finasteride, Dutasteride, and Minoxidil, the new RU-58841 androgen receptor blocker, a topical ingredient for acne-prone skin androgen-mediated hair loss (5% v/v). The product of choice for acne-prone skin, the most potent inhibitor of the sebaceous gland.

Raphe formulates hair loss treatment blend with natural herbal extracts, Peptide blend with Biotin, Ginseng Panax solutions for hair loss treatment and prevention, and spironolactone solution blend with herbal extracts for ingrown female facial hair. Other contract manufactured and private label product formulations we offer are pain relief comfort gels, anti-bacterial anti-fungal preparations, natural skin bleaching, and depigmenting agents. Do you need a custom formula or re-formulation of an existing product line? Contact us for free samples.

Raphe Pharmaceutique laboratory OTC drug products are produced under cGMP manufacturing standards and regulations with professionally trained scientists. FDA registered and state-licensed facility. Whether you have a small project or a large formulation project, we offer flexible solutions that enable you to move your brand through each phase with efficiency and speed. Our early development solutions will allow you to:

  • Overcome complex formulation challenges: bioavailability solubility, stability, process, navigating a complex regulatory environment.

  • Build success with your and enable commercial distribution to store

  • Shorten timelines to get to market quicker for FDA drug product

  • Ensure a robust supply chain within a global network

How Raphe ensures commercial success is by avoiding rework and costly delays by getting formulation right from the start of early development, this helps save time and money as you advance through each phase and on to commercialization. Our early development formulation experts and scientists are here to support every step of your project. Gain access to an integrated drug formulation program for flexible and tailored solutions to:

  • Accelerate your project to success

  • Rapidly characterize your drug product

  • Quickly evaluate formulation options

  • Overcome formulation challenges such as low bioavailability

  • Design, validate, and implement analytical and process methodologies

  • Generate the data required for FDA drug product NDC approval

Raphe Pharmaceutique conducts early stages of ingredients tests to define and establish product requirements and specifications to meet the needs of your end-users. Verification and validation testing are essential to confirm that the product you end up using meets those specifications and its intended use on all Minoxidil, Finasteride, spironolactone, and hair loss treatment products, acne treatments and skin bleaching agents we manufacture.

Before private labeling or contract manufacturing of your name brand or any of our product formulations, we recommend distributors to purchase a unit, of the wholesale, or private label product of interest, conduct all necessary test of choice, with third party testing lab, and volunteer users, to make sure the products performance, efficacy, and result, is satisfactory, prior to purchasing, because private labeled products are non-returnable and non-refundable after services have been rendered.

After testing the sample items, send us the corrections you would like to make, we`ll reformulate the product as instructed, resend the updated samples for your approval prior to packaging. Our products are clinical grade, you can modify them when you order your brand, by updating the ingredients. You can also request any ingredients of your choice be added, during the making of your brand.

Contract manufacturing of Minoxidil and other hair loss treatment products with Raphe Pharmaceutique laboratories offers benefits not found in other hair care manufacturing laboratories. Raphe submit your drug products manufactured under approved monographs to FDA for registration and NDC number assignment.
We provide high-quality drug products to support your pursuit of regulatory approval, offering fit-for-purpose formulations for studies and a comprehensive range of finished forms. Our robust solutions include:

  • Hair loss cGMP manufacturing at all scales

  • Topical solutions with sustained bioavailability

  • Quality design and product development

  • Analytical and stability testing on finished products

  • Registration batches, documentation for regulatory submissions

You will have access to a range of formulation samples for evaluation purposes prior to final packaging. Each of our development and manufacturing staff is a cGMP certified highly experienced team. get more info Our topical product preformulating process includes:

  • Chemical purity analysis

  • Physicochemical properties

  • Solid form definition and analysis

  • Excipient compatibility testing

  • Amorphous vs. crystalline solid-state testing

  • Aqueous and solvent solubility

Building a robust strategy for early phase preformulating studies will enable you to drive efficiencies as you scale. Our formulation experts will provide you with fully integrated and customizable solutions that will drive speed, flexibility, and a streamlined supply chain. Gain access to an integrated drug preformulating program for flexible and tailored solutions.

Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories manufacture assorted formulations of natural Minoxidil hair care products, Finasteride Dutasteride Spironolactone the new RU-58841 androgen receptor blocker, a topical ingredient for acne-prone skin, and androgen-mediated hair loss (5% v/v). Custom formulation of minoxidil biotin products, topical spironolactone with Ginseng Panax blend for female facial hair. Other contracts manufactured product formulations we offer are the pain relief comfort gels, anti-bacterial anti-fungal preparations, and natural skin bleaching & depigmenting agents

We provide professional-grade ingredients such as Hemp Seed Distillate, Platelet growth factor (Deer Antler derivative), Retinoic acid, Minoxidil, and Hydrolyzed Castor Oil. Rosemary leaf extract, a Prostaglandin analog, Borage Extract, D-panthenol, Retinyl Palmitate, Niacinamide, Biotin HCL, Wheat Germ Extract, Botanical antibiotics/Anti-inflammatory, Deer Antler Insulin growth factor, Citric acid, Polyalcohol Carrier for hair loss product formulations.

 All products we manufacture are evaluated for stability, efficacy, and shelf-life prior to distribution.

We formulate high potency natural active Formula of Vitamin C 10,000mg/ml, Vitamin E Succinate 50001U/ml, Zinc Gluconate 300mg/ml, Pumpkin seed oil, Cumin seed oil. blends with Spironolactone, Topical Facial Hair Solution for Women. All formulary is clinically proven to prevent facial hair growth in women. Contains a proprietary blend of other natural ingredients that helps prevent facial hair growth in women. Other formulation services we provide include Anti-Bacteria Manufacturing for licensed practitioners, and OTC Drug Stability Testing using our certified quality control specialists.

We guarantee your products will deliver 100% promise anytime. Packaged in well-insulated climate-controlled gel foam inserts to protect the active agent from high temperature during storage at your facility and on transit to the intended user.

Other contract manufactured products formulated at Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories integrates botanical ingredients with active biological agents that speed up skin cells recovery on a molecular level.  Our signature age reversal product is formulated with Nobel Prize winning EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), is responsible for creating dynamic and fast-moving cell activity, Acetyl hexapeptide 3 and 8 that has been clinically proven to relax facial lines without needles, replacing Botox painful procedure, teprenone the award-winning anti-wrinkle agent and many other botanical extracts that reverse premature signs of aging.

Key Benefits. Diminishes skin`s redness, Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots, improves firmness, tone and elasticity, within a shortest time interval as compared to traditional anti-wrinkle anti-aging treatments that takes several weeks and months before the benefits could be appreciated. Our formulas increase the skin`s natural moisture content and barrier function, Provides an anti-wrinkle effect on Crows Feet. Preserves the youthful look and the vitality of the skin. All natural whitening products provide permanent skin whitening result without rebound hyper pigmentation, free of hydroquinone and toxic carcinogens.

Raphe products accelerate skin`s natural activity allowing continual renewal as dead skin cells are replaced by young cells pushed to the skin's surface, making the surface (stratum corneum) smoother, and naturally hydrated. Freckles and age spots disappear. Pigment cells (melanin) are more evenly distributed, helping prevent the appearance of new freckles and age spots. The skin is enriched with collagen and elastin that promote resilience and firmness. All these functions work together to keep skin looking and acting younger and healthier. We believe in the Science of Nature.

For more information on how to get your brand fast track to the market, reformulate or improve your existing product line: Call us at 1-866-360-2330 or visit https://naturalskincarelab.com

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